As you can probably tell, my quick tips seem to be centered around food. That is because that’s where a lot of dollars seem to be lost for a lot of people (at least for me anyway). So for this month’s quick tip, I recommend you implement something I have affectionately entitled “Neighborhood Nourishment”. Whether it is your actual neighbors, or just some of your close friends, invite some people over for food, entertainment and savings! Everyone complains about not having enough time in their schedules to do certain things, and sometimes hanging out with friends is also on that list. With this idea, you can kill two birds with one stone. This is how it works:

Pick a group of friends, usually 3-5 and invite them over for dinner. Make a dish that is easy to feed multiple people and still be cost effective. you can even really do it big and buy a bottle of wine or two if you like. After dinner, incorporate some form of entertainment whether it be a Redbox movie or a board game to make the night complete. Within your group of friends, you can rotate who cooks either a couple times a week or a few times a month. Now your able to stay connected with your friends, while doing something you would have had to do anyway, (eat) and save money in process. If you really plan on making it a regular thing within your group of friends, the cost will balance out over the course of a month; but if you want you can even split the cost of the ingredients each time you have a neighborhood nourishment night which would probably result in spending less than 10 dollars per person for a quality home cooked meal and entertainment. There is just one thing that Neighborhood Nourishment can’t solve, and that is a bad cook, so pick your fellow foodies wisely 🙂