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Our blog and resources here at Makes Cents 2 Me will be, valuable and practical to help you elevate your financial knowledge. We will try our best to provide a variety of content on a wide array of topics so that you can take the information and apply to your life.

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Interested in Wealth Management and One on one Financial Planning?

Capitalwize is firm committed to provided best in class investment management and financial planning services. On the financial planning side, we serve Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Influencers and public figures. On the investment management side, we open our doors to anyone who wants to get started.  To learn more about this firm, become an investor or to see if you qualify to become a financial planning client, click here.

We realized that we needed to create a space that could help EVERYONE who wanted to take their finances to the next level. Coming to this site to learn is a great start, but we know to really take things to the next level, it requires, accountability and a helping hand from someone who’s been there. Since our firm, Capitalwize only works with a select group of clients from a financial planning perspective, we had to create a platform that anyone could get plugged into. So if you’re looking for more in depth learning and accountability you should check out MyMoneyEdu and get started to today

After being in the financial industry for almost 8 years, Our founder realized there was a lack of representation when it came to people of color. To fill this void and create a space that is dedicated to helping people of color build wealth. Melanin Money was born. We are on a mission to help 100,000 people of color invest their 1st or next $1,000. If you want to learn more about it or joint the #MelaninMillionMovement Click below.


Watch the video and fill out the following questionnaire. is not a registered investment advisor. Investment advisory services are offered through Capitalwize, LLC.

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