And the marketing award of the year goes to….drum roll please…. The US Government! While in the midst of a government shutdown, and the looming possibility of a government default on its debts; They decide now is a better time than any to give Ben Franklin a face-lift. The newly redesigned 100 dollar bills are currently being printed as we speak. Lets not forget that it cost more money to print these new fancy C-notes. 12.6 cents per bill to be exact, up a few cents from its previous version which was 7.8 cents per bill (as if we needed to spend anymore money).

So on the possible brink of default which would be an economic catastrophe that Warren Buffet  quotes “would be the equivalent of a nuclear bomb” We decide to print more money? Sure it’s designed to reduce the success of counterfeiting, but my thought is that its new gold-looking addition is to give people the impression that regardless of what you hear and see, America is doing just fine! I mean look we are printing money with gold on it!  It’s great marketing if you ask me. Government is in pure turmoil, but we can print new money, of course we will be ok. Right. Just my thoughts on the matter. I hope that the government can get things together soon though as many households are affected by this “political stand off”.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]