Remember that thing we all used to use that literally no one carries around anymore? What’s that thing called? Oh yeah, cash. 

These days cash seems to be so outdated and useless that we’ve allowed ourselves to become numb to just swiping our credit/debit cards. But believe it or not, there are still some very important reasons that you should still be carrying cash. 

1. Valet

2. Bathroom Soap Guy

3. Car Wash Tip

You can’t tip with a credit card for any of the reasons above, and you especially can’t be the guy/gal that doesn’t tip at all!

4. Group Dinners

It’s always the worst and too many cards is just annoying and a hassle to your server. It’s also the WORST to be the one expected to put the tab on your card and hope everyone sends the money.

5. Giving to the homeless 

The homeless don’t have a square and cannot expect any sort of payment other than cash. Carry it so that you can bless others.

It’s as simple as that. You never know when these situations are going to arise or when you’ll need cash. But as our momma’s taught us– ALWAYS BE PREPARED. You never know how you’ll end up saving the day or blessing someone else’s.