George Acheampong is North Carolinas #1 Financial Planner for Melanin Millennials. He is the founder and Principal of Makes Cent 2 Me, Inc. Since the beginning of his career he has been passionately committed to helping others live the lifestyle they’ve always wanted today, while planning the legacy they will leave tomorrow. His mission is: “To increase the quality of life of others, keep families together, break generational curses and to build lasting legacies of significance, purpose and worth.”

He has received hundreds of endorsements for his expertise in financial services, and has been a go to expert on radio stations and other media outlets alike. His online platform has reached thousands in over 50 countries.

Aside from his roles with His companies, George participates in a number of community and philanthropic events in the Charlotte area as well as speaking engagements about financial empowerment and personal development. The cornerstone of George’s platform and a philosophy he also lives by is “It’s not about what you would do if you could; it’s what you can do with what you have.” He enjoys being physically active, spending time with family and friends and traveling with his wife, Majesty.

George is a Graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Economics from the Bryan School of Business. He is a financial planner & licensed Investment Advisor Representative who acts as a fiduciary to his clients. He currently resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife Majesty.


Makes Cents 2 Me, Inc is a registered investment advisory firm based in Charlotte NC. Our focus is the help clients unlock the ideal lifestyle they want to live today, while planning for the legacy tomorrow. We do this by uncovering opportunities within your current financial resources and realign them in a way that best suits your desired lifestyle; which will help you enjoy more of what matters to you.

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