March 20, 2019
Legacy & Lifestyle Show EP: 31 Social Shift – The impact of social media on our daily lives.
On this episode, we explore the depths of social media and its impact on our lives.  While technology has advanced and provided us with a
March 6, 2019
Legacy & Lifestyle Show EP: 30 Melanin Mental Health w/ Brandon Allison.
On this episode, we sit down with Brandon Allison, a licensed Professional Counselor, who helps us explore important aspects of mental health and practical steps on how
February 12, 2019
Legacy & Lifestyle Show EP: 29 Career & Life Alignment w/ Latesha Byrd.
On this episode, we sit down with Career Consulting Coach, Latesha who shares some practical tips on how to level up in your career and
June 18, 2018
Meals That Make Cents Pilot -Baked Salmon, Roasted Asparagus & Sweet potato hash!
If you’re like me, then you are a foodie who loves to eat. So you also probably know that if left unchecked, food can be
February 22, 2018
How To {Gracefully} Say No To Things That Don’t Align With Your Financial Goals.
  We have all been there, whether its the 6464675445 invite to a baby shower, bachelor party, wedding, dinner outing or vacation, I’m sure many of
February 13, 2018
The Stock Market Crashed, What Should I do?
  The year started off with a bang in the markets! It seemed like the economy was slated for more growth and the stocks could
January 29, 2018
A Practical Approach to Saving Money
  So you paid all of your bills for the month and set aside the money you need for the rest of your budget, and
January 5, 2018
Learn how I get other people to pay for my car payments
  Did someone say free car payments for a BMW? Spoiler Alert: it has nothing to do with a little blue sign or any other
November 29, 2017
How I used spare change to pay for my next vacation
November 4, 2017
When Is the Best Time to Invest in the Stock Market?
The media would have you think there are dozens of reasons to buy into or sell out of the market, but what the hard data
October 4, 2017
9 Reasons Goal-Based Investing Leads to Success
Defining goals enables better wealth management. Here’s why. Here what our Managing Director of Behavioral Finance & Investing Dan Egan has to say about Goal based Investing.
August 31, 2017
New Career, Now What?
  A career change whether it’s with your existing company or a new one, can be exciting! New opportunities to learn and grow in your
August 19, 2017
A Deeper Look At Socially Responsible Investing
Our Approach to Building an SRI Portfolio KEY TAKEAWAYS Many investors prefer to invest according to their values. Socially and environmentally conscious customers can now
August 19, 2017
Investment Philosophy Overview
February 4, 2014
What is Financial Planning?
Financial planning is a very vague term, and So is Financial Advisor. So how are you to know what a financial advisor is and what
January 31, 2014
MyRA – Explained
  What is this new MyRA? If you tuned into the SOTU Address, you heard President Obama briefly touched on this new form of retirement
January 23, 2014
Are Bonds Still a Good Investment?
Good question. But I’ve got a better one: What’s your investment time horizon? That’s how to start the bond conversation. Investors are concerned about how
November 11, 2013
Debt Validation – What should you know about it?
  Check out this guest post written by Michelle Blackmore on the topic of Debt Validation Are collectors contacting you several times for debt payments?
October 8, 2013
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All About The Benjamin’s
  And the marketing award of the year goes to….drum roll please…. The US Government! While in the midst of a government shutdown, and the
October 7, 2013
Will or Trust?
 You have worked hard for your money and made every attempt to be a conscientious saver. So it’s only natural that you want some control
September 6, 2013
Top 5 Reasons to Adjust Your W-4 Withholding
  Common lifestyle changes, like getting a job or getting married, can change your tax liability. To avoid being caught off guard by an unexpected
August 26, 2013
Frugal Shopaholics
  This is our first post in our Deals and Discounts Section of our site. Today we want to invite you to check out a
August 16, 2013
What Is An Annuity?
The idea of retirement, can seem overwhelming all in itself, then having to understand the best way to plan for it can be a completely
August 15, 2013
What Type Of Investor Are You?
  Aggressive, conservative, balanced. All common terms you hear people mention when describing the type of investor they are, but what do they really mean?
August 6, 2013
Quick Tips- Stick To The Script.
  Budgeting is no easy task. it requires you to systematically plan out what to do with your money so you know where every dollar
August 1, 2013
Is Your Income Protected?
  The importance of auto, health, homeowners and life insurance is well known.  Disability coverage, which replaces lost earnings if you can’t work, tends to
August 1, 2013
5 Ways To Save More
  About two out of three American workers are saving for retirement, but less than half are confident that they will have enough money to
August 1, 2013
5 Reasons Americans Are Not As Wealthy As They Could Be
August 1, 2013
Splurge or Save?
Now you guys know I am all about saving, but in some cases you cant sacrifice quality. This post comes from a dear friend of mine
August 1, 2013
10 Things To Consider Before Starting A Family
  With all the anticipation and joy that comes with starting a family, having children also marks one of the most significant financial changes in
August 1, 2013
5 Steps To Fix Your Credit Score Fast
Although the work I do for my clients doesn’t revolve around helping them fix their credit, I get a lot of questions regarding the best way to
July 31, 2013
Quick Tips – Neighborhood Nourishment
  As you can probably tell, my quick tips seem to be centered around food. That is because that’s where a lot of dollars seem to be
July 31, 2013
Is It Really Affordable?
During the years prior to the financial crisis of 2008, many people thought that they could “afford” bigger homes. Unfortunately, as low-rate mortgage reset, it became painfully
July 29, 2013
Quick Tip – Keep It Simple
Ok so I would not be much of a financial advisor if I did not practice what I preach. So from time to time I
July 29, 2013
Recipe Of The Week – Mango Salsa
Now I am not one to toot my own horn, but one of the dishes I made earlier this month was one of my best.
July 28, 2013
Investing 101
  Investing can be both exciting and scary at the same time. The idea of making money without actually having to trade your time for
July 28, 2013
Budgeting Basics
Then most people here the word budget, they cringe. They automatically think of it as restrictive clamp on the way you spend money. Well –
July 28, 2013
What Is A Credit Score?
WHAT IS A CREDIT SCORE? A credit score is a number that determines how likely you are to repay a loan on time. Your credit
July 28, 2013
Never Pay Full Price
  Never pay full price! With sites like Groupon, Amazon, Living Social etc. , there are always ways to get stuff for less than its
July 28, 2013
Saving Money 101
When you think about saving money a lot of different things may come to mind. Putting aside money for a trip, a wedding or a
July 28, 2013
7 Secrets Wealthy People Know About Amassing And Maintaining A Fortune
Becoming wealthy enough to keep the wolf from your door doesn’t mean an end to unwanted callers. For every newly minted billionaire, there are cautionary
July 28, 2013
How To Get Approved For A Mortgage (Especially Your First)
With mortgage rates at historic lows, lots of people are looking to buy homes after years of renting or staying put in a previous house.
July 28, 2013
7 Steps To Becoming Debt Free
  Got debt? You’re not alone. The average American’s credit card balance is over $8,000. In 2001 we paid $50 billion in finance charges, and