100% of 401(k) participants automatically receive a fully managed account and personalized investment advice via RetireGuide.

RetireGuide provides a protection of exactly how much participants need to save and how much they can spend in retirement, customized based on their full financial picture. We also offer one on one or group education opportunities for all plan participants from our financial planning experts. A value add that you can position to your employees to retain and attract top talent.

  • 3(38) fiduciary protection

As a 3(38) fiduciary, we help protect your business and your participants as we are legally required to act in the best interest of the plan, its participants and their beneficiaries.

  • Why ETFs Are Better for a 401(k)

Our 401(k) portfolio consists of stock and bond ETFs selected by our investment committee. We provide you with your Investment Policy Statement to help you document the investment choices made for your plan.

We believes that ETFs are better choices for 401(k)s because they’re far more likely to be passive, which usually correlates with lower cost. And the incentive structure behind them is completely transparent, making them less likely to have conflicts of interest due to hidden fees. As a fiduciary, both to the plan and the individual participant, Makes Cents 2 Me, INC is precluded from having any conflict of interest, which means we can provide truly unconflicted fund selection.

  • Stock ETFs

Our portfolio includes stock ETFs that efficiently capture the broad U.S. stock market, and international developed and emerging markets. Your money is invested in literally thousands of companies instantly. How much of your portfolio is made up of which stocks depends on the exact allocation you choose. Our stock ETFs include:

  • Bond ETFs

Our portfolio includes bond ETFs that allow us to precisely manage the level of risk at every allocation, and improve the risk-adjusted performance of the portfolio at higher risk levels. The exact amounts of each bond ETF will depend on the allocation you choose, and is customized according to your location. Our bond ETFs include:

  • Why these stock ETFs?

Our U.S. exposure covers the total U.S. market with a slight tilt towards value and small-cap stocks. The value and small-cap tilt has tended to beat the market in the long term, based on research by Nobel-prize winner Eugene Fama and Kenneth French.

By adding international stocks, we benefit from growth overseas in developed markets, including the U.K., Japan, and Europe, and achieve the same expected return with lower risk. With the emerging market stock ETF, we can capture growth in small but expanding markets such as Brazil, India, and China. This further diversifies our portfolio, and means we can reach higher expected return levels, especially at higher risk allocations.

  • Why these bond ETFs?

These bonds ETFs allow us to choose a precise level of risk, and then get the best possible return at that level of risk by balancing four different growth factors: U.S. interest rate risk, U.S. company credit risk, international interest rate risk, and international credit risk. When applicable, we also consider the after-tax benefits of allocating to federally tax-exempt municipal bonds.

Taking on a higher exposure to any of these factors means higher expected returns, with higher potential for short-term losses. However, by blending them together intelligently, we can maintain the return level and reduce the severity of losses.


Technology and customer experience go hand in hand. Our plan sponsor dashboard is designed to be intuitive and comprehensive, providing everything that you need for your 401(k) offering. But, if you’d like additional support, our dedicated business success team is available. Our team has experience in third-party administration, record keeping, and ERISA consulting, and it includes members of ASPPA.

We’ll work closely with you to convert your existing 401(k) plan, set up your Betterment 401(k), and help manage your ongoing investment and compliance needs—we’re always here for you.


Our integrated solution offers all of your 401(k) needs in a single, automated experience. Your 401(k) dashboard lets you manage participants, deferral changes, and payroll updates all in real time.

Behind the scenes, we are looking out for you, offering guidance throughout the year and monitoring whether your company is at risk of experiencing year-end compliance issues. Reporting and analytics are built in to show you how your employees are doing in real time. Everything is streamlined so you have the information you need, when you need it.

  • What happens during the conversion to our 401(k) program?
  • What to expect?
  • After you’ve signed up, what’s next?

Partner with our team to ensure you have all necessary records from your current provider, including executed plan documents and compliance test.

Notify your prior record keeper to establish a conversion timeline so you know when participant’s funds will transfer to us.

Send black out notices to your participants to freeze accounts in preparation for the asset transfer.

Set up your company plan, upload participants and configure payroll.

Launch your plan. Each participant will receive an email guiding them on how to setup their account, change their contribution amount and change their investment options.

Transparent pricing empowers you to take more control of your expenses. All of our fees are visible so that you know exactly what you are being charged and what service you receive.

Many providers hide 401(k) costs within mutual fund expenses, making it difficult to determine what services you’re actually receiving and at what cost.

Our modular pricing empowers you to customize your 401(k) solution based on your needs and the services you require